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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 13, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> behind me, he conceded pain on the windows that are messed up. when you look inside the auditorium area, it is a sad day.
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this school board president is at a loss for words, when he sees the damage done inside this new school building. broken windows and splattered paint on anything in sight. the floor looks more like concrete you would see in the streets. >> this is despicable and disgusting conduct. it should not be tolerated. >>charles: this auditorium was supposed to open in two weeks but now will not open for some time. >> now, the youngest students have to realize people do not even care about them. that is tough to accept. >> i spoke with school officials and police, a $10,000 reward to catch the culprits that vandalized this school.
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>>pam: some students at mount jet blue high school from launch the campaign to protest the closing of restrooms on their campus. kiberlee sakamoto explains. >>kimberlee: last year, all the two bathrooms were closed. one for boys and one for girls. the bathrooms were closed because stuff for feet problems. the campus serves 1400 students. members of the school's amnesty international club have launched a campaign to get bathroom's reopen. they say it has gotten so bad that some students are reportedly giving themselves under the stairs in the academic building and in other places on campus. although the principle to open two more restaurants last week, as did officials say it is well below the
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state requirement that there be one toilet for every 45 girls and one urinal for every 30 voice. currently not diablo high school is for writing one urinal for one her list of the five boys and one toilet for every 140 girls. web graffiti is a problem officials say is most likely does not qualify as a safety concern which would allow the school to close those back to nigeria for 8:00 p.m. is just getting started. >> the top section of the bay bridge is scheduled to close this weekend. >> constructions on the 49ers new stadium is already ahead of schedule for. details on the new game plan coming up. >>charles: in pacifica, off
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the coast is under a high surf advisories. >>pam: need details surrounding the death of lenin used in as her body will arrive some.
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" our >>pam: the 49ers say their new stadium will be ready earlier than previously announced. as rob fladeboe reports, the 49ers expect their new home to be ready in time for the 2014 season. >>rob: the formal groundbreaking is scheduled for late spring.
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for the game plan is to transform this parking lot next to the great america theme park into this, a 68,000 seat, $1 billion stadium to be complete as soon as august of 2014. a full year earlier in the original game plan. >> we're moving ahead faster than we thought. the new timetable comes one week after a new loan has been approved for the project which is expected to great hundreds of jobs and spur economic development. work is already under way for a new parking garage.
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the 49ers have two more seasons to play at candlestick. >>gary: coming up, our annual valentine's.
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feet are our robert >> as of right now it is not a criminal investigation. >>pam: beverly hills police reaffirming that there's no suspicion of foul play in the that the whitney houston. the case has been sealed pending the release of the coroner's report. some new details and did the merger to date. grant lodes is here with more. >>craig: first, news happening right now, this was the scene a few minutes ago outside of the funeral hall in newark and new jersey. the singer was found dead in her room at the beverly hilton hotel late saturday afternoon. we do not know why she died, but we have a much clearer picture of what happened immediately before and after her desk.
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she was in a room on the fourth floor of a luxury hotel on wilshire boulevard. about 3:00 p.m. on saturday, she said she is going to take a bath. >> about a half an hour later, her hair dresser knocked on the door to let her know it was time to start getting ready. when she did not answer, she entered the room and found the superstar face up in her bathtub. they frantically tried to revive her, but it was too late. >>grant: kezar was found dead at the scene. they found prescription drugs in her room including the zanucks, lorazepam and some gossip sites are reporting that the coroner told huston's family issues killed by a combination of the prescription drugs and alcohol. the coroner's office has denied that.
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information like that. the case is still pending. we are they for toxicology and pathology reports. the investigation is ongoing. >>grant: her funeral is set for friday. >>jaqueline: that temperatures in the '30's and 40's. skies are going to clear over nine and we will see chilly conditions. places like fairfield, 30 degrees.
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a look at fog for tomorrow morning, the computer models are not showing much in the way of a fog. >>pam: washington state now becomes the seventh state in the nation to legalize same- sex marriage. this was the scene as washington's governor signed the bill into law. gays and lesbians will be able to marry starting june 7th. opponents are planning to force a public vote in november. the new jersey senate voted to recognize same-sex marriage today. it was just two years ago that the idea was rejected their.
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the governor says he will veto the measure if it reaches his desk. >>dan: because proposition 8 is a constitutional amendment, it means you cannot pass a regular statute. as a result, the basically least two different options, the federal courts and another option is another public votes to legalize same-sex marriage.
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that has been discussed by backers of same-sex marriage but the decision was made last year to hold off on a vote. >> we are not seeing the effort to repeal proposition a because the court case has been so successful. there is no mistake, when you look at the polls it is trending in only one direction. people recognize that it is inevitable. we're going to be a country that embraces equality for all our area half thick >> equality california did a poll last year that found 51 percent of california
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voters support same-sex marriage. >>pam: i spoke with backers of proposition 8, they tell us they still have not decided where the appeal will go. >>pam: after the break, more details on the domestic violence trial against ross mirkirimi. we will tell you why his wife may be changing her mind about testifying against her husband.
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>>pam: new details in the domestic violence tryout involving san francisco sheriff ross mirkirimi. after denying domestic violence charges, eliana
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lopez may now testify against him. according to her attorney, she has been subpoenaed and will show up in court you comply with all law. her attorney adds that the testimony hinges on whether or not she is granted immunity. mirkirimi is accused of bruising his wife's arm during a fight on new year's eve. he has been ordered to stay away from her but has been granted visitation rights. we will be right back with more. tharp 1/3
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>>pam: kron4 is counting down to the shutdown, this weekend's plant closure of the upper deck of the bay bridge. this is animation from caltrans showing the work that is suppose to take place. officials say the only way to make the change is to shut down the area to all vehicles. as terisa estacio reports, the planned closure could be in jeopardy if the weather does not cooperate. >>terisa: behind me are the lanes that caltrans needs to change. these dark clouds above, caltrans says the chance of rain next week and could their clan address. thus thought he explains that they needed dry
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conditions based on the type of work schedule for this shutdown. >> if we get a storm that will last the entire amount of days, we will probably push this off until next weekend. we have a painting work and striping work that has to be done. >> you cannot pay for a strike if it is arranged. >> that is correct. under rain conditions, painting is not something you can do under sustained rain. >>terisa: >> why did caltrans make the decision to paint and a cave? for sunday sate by doing so, it helps out the entire project. >> we are doing this project in the wintertime because it potentially, it will allow us to open the bay bridge a lot sooner. >>terisa: if it does rain, he says that they have a backup plan. >> by wednesday we will know
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if we're going to proceed this weekend or not. if the weather stays like it is or improves, we will move forward. if it gets worse, will push the operation daffs by a week. >>grant: technology and traffic, caltrans is teaming up with other indices for a first of its time project. the focus will be to use technology to reduce congestion and improve safety on interstate 80. the work would occur from the bay bridge to the carquinez bridge. alajandra cerball explains what specific improvements caltrans has in mind. >>alejandra: caltrans wants to install signs like this one along interstate 80, to notify drivers of an accident on the freeway. it is part of a multimillion dollar project to reduce heavy jams. some drivers say that congestion is a big problem. >> because it is the only
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corridor, it will always be congested. >>alejandra: caltrans says the new meters will improve traffic flow. the project also includes work to be done on san pablo avenue which is parallel to the freeway. >> the signs are in decline changeable message type of science indicating the you can return to the freeway now. >>alejandra: construction would take place at night from the summer through 2014. it is not a done deal yet. >> it still has to go back to the city for their input and recommendations. that will be happening within the next 60-90 days.
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>>jaqueline: 53 in san francisco today, same thing in redwood city and antioch. into tomorrow afternoon, temperatures will be in the upper 50s. we have more chances of rain into weekend. details on that coming up. >>pam: take a look at this picture in pacifica. it is pretty dark.
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charles crawford is standing by and joins us to tell us what is going on. >>charles: i am alive in pacifica, next to the pacific appear. the pier and coastline along the bay area remains under a high surf advisories. the adviser to the fact around 3:00 p.m. on monday afternoon. swell's between 12-14 ft. in the breakers as large as 17 ft. are expected into tuesday morning. the advisory stretches to monterey. it could result in beach erosion, where currents in the sneaker waves. in pacific, a big waves could be seen just off the beach all afternoon. a popular pier was closed as a safety precaution and there are warning signs along the walkway.
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that advisory ends at 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >>pam: it is not often that we see snow and the south bay. >>grant: whitney houston's body was flown from los angeles to new jersey after her sudden passing on saturday. there is a possibility that the family will building a funeral this friday at a
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sports arena in north new jersey. that could accommodate about 18,000 fans. we will continue to keep you updated on this story. >>pam: new details surrounding fiji need. regulators are investigating the pipeline safety practices after two different welder's claim that some of the company's lines contain defects in or not care properly. the two-man race concerns after working on pipelines last year. all of this follows the deadly sandron the explosions that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. new details in a report in friday's police standoff in vallejo. police say it started as an illegal marijuana deal.
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to buyers were robbed of their cash. for the residents were the suspects were held up eventually caught on fire. >> the new information that we have is that through the investigation on friday and the subsequent investigation, we're able to tie the vehicle used in the robbery in and left in front of the house to the suspect's that committed the robbery. presumably our suspects are associated with a bat house since the vehicle is. there is evidence that ties them to the house into the armed robbery. >>pam: one of two pads died in the blaze. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> 21 year-old michael jones
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was gunned down outside of his flaws of home on friday. some say it was a senseless act of violence. police are still investigating a motive and searching for a suspect or suspects. they are not releasing much information. >>gabe: i have agreed application for smart phones to tell you about. it is an application that everyone should have and offers a helping hand during emergencies.
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>>pam: alameda county sheriff's deputies have made an arrest in last week's fatal stabbing. the body of james a nobles was found here at these railroad tracks in unincorporated hayward. his roommate has been arrested on suspicion of murder. white served 10 years in prison for killing another room made in oakland.
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it is believed that nobles was killed in the home and his body dumped during the night. three more suspects police believe are involved in a major narcotics state have been caught. last week, a combination of 900 local and federal officials arrested 26 people during a bay area wife narcotics sweet. it was the culmination of a two-year long drug trafficking investigation. police say the man you see here are still on the run. >>pam: coming up, gary will be joined by a woman who has some valentine's day tips for you. we will talk about the 49ers stadium and a patent pending. --peyton manning.
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>>jaqueline: a slight chance of rain tomorrow with dry conditions thursday and friday. a chance of rain returns to the forecast this weekend. >>gary: good evening. a key member of the 49ers first championship team has passed away at the age of 69. freddie solomon was battling liver and colon cancer for some time. he was a wide receiver.
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he played one of 49ers made the super bowl run in 1981. he was on the receiving end of many job montana passes. for a touchdown and almost 6,000 yds. freddie solomon passes away at the age of 59. >>gary: a young cuban players said to be 26 years of age signed a four year $36 million deal with the oakland a's. he is already the highest- paid player on the roster. he looks like jose canseco. he will play center field. they say he is blessed with a lot of talent. >> we are getting everything ready to push levels in the
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ground. we are hoping we can make some progress and expedite the opening for 2014. >>gary: year $80,000 for a seat license, people who have been with you all these years say, i cannot afford $80,000. if you are a longtime fan, do you think it will be something that they can afford in the stadium? >> absolutely. the way this stadium is designed, normally have an upper. it goes all the way around. our upper deck will be closer to the field. it will feel more like a club seats. there are great seats everywhere. it is going to be beautiful place to watch football games. >>gary: the 49ers are the top of the football world. so you ever with a sinking, 13-3? >> we expect to get better each week. i think that is what we did. when you get better and
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continue to believe, you give yourself a chance. >>gary: if you signed peyton manning, you'd be the number-one topic of all of sports. >> we do have the for it does coming up. >>gary: if peyton manning wanted to talk to you, would he say no? >> he is not a free agent right now. >>gary: when we return, she is that for her 10th year on the eve of valentine's day. she is a great comedian.
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>>gary: jill, hello. happy valentine's. >> i know that you are married, but will you be my
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valentine? >>gary: thank you. the first idea sounds like a good one. >> it is the 50th anniversary of tony bennett i left my heart in san francisco, the song. they're having a big celebration at the civic center. they will be blasting the song everywhere in san francisco, tuesday at noon. >>gary: hopefully he will now be giving any political statements which he did last night when he was talking about legalizing drugs. the food adventures is something i was thinking of. >> you can go on a culinary walking tour in san francisco. all kinds of eateries. you just eat id--you just eat all day. >>gary: what a fabulous idea. >> we also have an anti
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valentine's idea. if you do not have a valentine's, you can go to a sing-along and sing all of the break of songs. >>gary: if you are going through tough time, go with a lot of other people who are heartbroken. that will cheer you up. that is wonderful. is this box for me? >> yes. you can reject that if you like. >>gary: valentine's ideas, a skillet, the number one idea, this is when you really want to do something. >> how we first met, a show where we interview customers. we analyze the stores on stage. >>gary: our producer went to the show and said it was
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fantastic. >>gary: happy valentine's day. ♪ >> thank you. [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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